To Register for the 2017-2018 Season:
1.  Read about our different programs and fees here. 
2.  Read our fundraising program carefully here.
3.  Click the big red button to register online.  😁
4.  On your child’s first day of swimming, come to the pool and we will have your online registration form printed for confirmation and signing. 
5.  Registration fees must be paid before your child can enter the water.    Cash, debit or cheque.
6.  Fundraising deposit cheques are also required at this time. $75/fundraiser.
Kidsport applications are available (up to $300 funding available per child).

****Payment Options!!  Debit cards, automated debits, cheques and cash are accepted.

Or to Register In-Person:
-September 18 and 20
In front of Echo Pool

-September 25 and 27 and 29
(Note: first day of swimming is Sept. 25)
Inside Echo Pool 


Pro-Days: Practices run as normally scheduled
Statuatory Holidays: Practices are cancelled



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