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Qualifying Requirements:
-VIR Championship:     VIR time standards
2017-2018 SwimBC Time Standards: Click Here

-2017 SwimBC Regional Training Camp:  Congratulations Logan Jager for qualifying.

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2017-2018 Meet Schedule (IMPORTANT: Meet schedule is subject to change)
Note: Minimum 4 athletes registered for any meet more than 2 hours away (which require overnight stays) – Exception are qualifying championships such as VIRs.

Host Club
Oct. 28-29Nanaimo MeetMeet Info.All Levels in the Main Tank
Nov. 10-11-12Bennett Cup
Meet Info.Min. SwimBC 'A' time for all events
Nov. 26Campbell River MeetMeet Info.Beginner Levels and up
Perfect for all new swimmers aged 6+
Dec. 16Duncan MeetMeet Info.Beginner Levels and up
Jan. 25-26-27-28VIR Championship
Senior and Junior Comps - Must Qualify with 1x standard
Feb. 17-18Comox MeetBeginner Levels and up
March 10-11Duncan MeetAll Levels (including beginners)
April 21-22Nanaimo LC MeetSenior and Junior Comps
May (TBA)Kelowna LC MeetSenior and Junior Comps
June 1-2-3VIR LC Championship (Victoria)Qualify with 1x VIR time standard


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