Team Equipment

In stock (available at any practice in the team office):

20151021_104631Sporti Cabo Junior Goggles
-Great for the younger swimmer or kids with very small faces
-One piece construction
-Various colours
$9 (inc. taxes)
20151021_104524Sporti S2 Youth Goggles
-Nice mid range goggle for juniors and youth
-Various colours
$11 (incl. taxes)
Sporti S3 Goggles
(for the older youth and teen)
$14 each
vanquisherSpeedo Vanquisher Goggles
-Popular all around goggles for beginner to advance swimmers
-Pink Only
$17 (incl. taxes)
TYR nest proTYR Nest Pro Nano
-For the older youth or kids with larger faces
-Excellent training & racing goggles
-Black only
$21 (incl. taxes)
Vorgee missileVorgee Missile Goggles
-Mirrored lenses
-Excellent training & racing goggle
-Various colours
$21 (incl. taxes)
20151021_104314Large mesh equipment bag
-White label for your name
-Drawstring closure
-Various colours
$8 (incl. taxes)
Sporti Junior Pull Buoy
$10 (incl. taxes)
PhotoGrid_1445477064746Team Swim Caps
One size fits all
$7 - Red Team caps
$7 - Black A
$11 - Black AA
$15 - Silver AAA
(Prices include taxes)

Special Order:  Training suits, racing suits, equipment (fins, kickboard, pull buoy, etc)  and any other items related to swimming are available by special order.
You can order with the team directly (email Veronique: or…
You can also order yourself by clicking below – You will receive the same discount … just remember to enter this code when you checkout:   TSU371